It’s Been a Year

I cannot believe that it has been one year since I first got the notion stuck in my head that maybe I should open a storefront.  Maybe it was my gut, maybe my heart, wanting more, wanting different.  Somehow the idea of opening a store seemed a grand idea.  And when that idea gets going, it just keeps going until it is satisfied.  Here I am sitting in the shop, looking around me, and you know, it feels like home.  It feels natural.  It feels like it is just another part of life.

I always said I never wanted my own shop.  I was adamant (kind of like I am with a lot of things).  Lesson learned.  The thing I am adamantly opposed to just might be the thing that happens.  With time, comes change.  Circumstances change.  I change.  And what seemed like an absolute unimaginable thing, becomes imaginable.  I realized that what I loved and what I wanted had changed.  When I first started Addiah, I wanted a business that would enable me to travel, spend time with my family, and have a flexible schedule.  I still want to travel and spend time with my family.  But I also want to connect with people.  Really connect.

So, thanks to all of you who have supported me in this new venture.  Here’s to dreaming and doing.


Heading Out…to Texas and Thailand

Remember that old memory game, “to grandmother’s house we go”?  Well, I am going to Texas and Thailand for the next two and a half weeks.  So what is in my bag? Here is a little glimpse…

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I am packing light – just a carry on and a purse.   I’ll let you know how prepared I really was when I get back.

In my purse – the essentials:

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  •  travel book (need to do some planning, even if just on the plane – Lonely Planet always does a really good job)
  • passport
  • sunglasses
  • chap stick (with SPF for the hot Thailand sun), toothpaste, and perfume (to freshen up during all the legs of the trip)
  • socks and a scarf to stay warm and cozy on the plane (and an eye mask to help sleep)
  • leather pouch (leaving my wallet at home and keeping things light)
  • snacks – chocolate, raw bar, gum, honey for tea, emergenC – you never know
  • camera and film old school style
  • journal, bible and study book, Sudoku, and a novel (entertainment for the two day trip to Thailand)


Calling Card


“…They were to pass again through the hall of the inn to get into the street, and it was here she presently checked him with a question.

‘Have you looked up my name?’  He could only stop with a laugh.  ‘Have you looked up mine?’

‘Oh dear, yes – as soon as you left me.  I went to the office and asked.  Hadn’t you better do the same?’ He wondered.  ‘Find out who you are? – after the uplifted young woman there has seen us thus scrape acquaintance!’

She laughed on her side now at the shade of alarm in his amusement.  ‘Isn’t it a reason the more?  If what you’re afraid of is the injury for me – my being seen to walk off with a gentleman who has to ask who I am – I assure you I don’t in the least mind.  Here, however,’ she continued, ‘is my card, and as I find there’s something else again I have to say at the office, you can just study it during the moment I leave you.’

She left him after he had taken from her the small pasteboard she had extracted from her pocket-book, and he had extracted another from his own, to exchange with it, before she came back.  He read thus the simple designation ‘Maria Gostrey,’…”

- The Ambassadors by Henry James

Why do such good things die away?  I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible time recalling names.  Hence the beauty of a calling card.  I know we have business cards – essentially the same thing – but life is not just about defining one’s self by one’s business.  More times than not, I don’t believe it should.

I was able to attend the delightful dinner party hosted by Home & Hill and Beth Kirby back in January. These cards were used as place cards at the event. What to do with all the extras that were printed?  Repurposed into calling cards!  Thanks for the gift Home & Hill!

Christmas Gift List

I think everyone should make a Christmas list.  Growing up, my sisters and I always made wish lists anytime presents were involved.  And that is exactly what they were…wish lists.  There were the years I already mentioned of wanting a parcel of my parents’ land; then it was the organic mattress; and I am sure I had a slew of other dreams that were a bit far-fetched.  That is what they always tended to be for me, dreams and wishes.  It was the place that I wrote down my hopes for life.  And then all the practical things I needed.

I still tend to opt for the practical, the things I cannot afford, or the things I feel like I should not spend my money on but could really use.  (This year I would have been tempted to add a plane ticket to France or Sicily if I did not realize it was just silly of me to do so.)

I love hearing what other people put on their lists.  It shows what might be in their heart or head that they might not have shared.  You learn something.  And, it makes shopping a lot easier.

Here is a handy Christmas Gift List to help keep track of what and who you are buying for designed by Bonnie.  It helps to stay organized!


To print, simply click the image or visit Going Home to Roost for other ideas and fun illustrations!


*Images used with permission from Bonnie.