London’s Style Crush

Has PETA become extinct or has fur simply managed it’s way back into the fashion scene?  Whether it’s faux fur or true fur, it’s all the rage…

While I made my way through London’s ‘vintage capital,’ Portobello Market, on a bustling Saturday morning in January, my morning latte in hand (from the mind-blowing Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill!), I was expecting to browse through men’s classic vintage plaid shirts, beanie hats, print leggings, lovely knit jumpers with elbow patches, and patent lace-ups.  While those were all there to be found, they were overshadowed by the obvious style obsession of the season – fur.

I found classic, full fur coats and glam fur gilets on nearly every vendor’s corner.  What’s even more, a stroll through East London’s Spitalfield Market just this past week, led me to find the same.  Whether it’s the drop in temperature or a style crush, London is sending a hint…fur is back and there’s no disguising this storm!

As Winter’s lavish trend, I admit a fur vest is next on my ‘To Purchase’ list!…Stepheny

As a new guest blogger, Stepheny is based out of England.


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