D.C. Eats Part 1

A trip is most memorable to me when full of wonderful food experiences.  Food and good restaurants can easily make the travels richer, and simply, full of delight through discovering the delights and unexpected tastes of a new place.  The perfect moments in my life always seem to be spent sharing food and fellowship with family. 

A rainy, dreary night is not the typical time to go out to dinner when everything inside you is telling you to have a cozy night in with take out, but last week I denied the pull and ventured in search of a restaurant.  Needless to say, an intimate French restaurant was a perfect choice.  We ended up at Terasol, self-described as “a place where the arts marry, whether of the table (arts de la table) or unique handcrafted creations and live music.”   We started with a shared cheese plate (even though typically I would have ended with it).  It had a nice combination of three different cheeses along with fruit and sun-dried tomatoes.  The plate was simple, yet well-balanced; delicate and enjoyable.

Over the next course, my sister and I shared two dishes which allowed for tastings of multiple things!  I ordered a warm lentil salad with arugula.  Again, the dish was simple, yet hearty, and just what I expected it to be.  Not all that exciting in itself; it had a warmth and a comfort that was true and honest.  The excitement of the night came with the special we ordered…smoked salmon.  Typically smoked salmon is not something I would get excited about, nor would I actually order it over other more tempting entrees.  However, the magic word was lavender.

Lavender has a captivating appeal.  It was more curiosity then anything else that made me want the smoked salmon. Not only was my curiosity satisfied, but I discovered a new joy!  The chef did a wonderful job of creating the dish, which consisted of two smoked salmon filets.  One filet had lemon foam on top, the other poppy seeds and sprinkled delicately around the plate was the lavender.  The finishing touch was the dill cream.  Truly an interesting and captivating dish!  Well done Terasol and my thanks for an unexpected and splendid meal….Virginia


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