Tip: Make your own guest soap

Making your own guest soap is super easy.  Don’t worry it does not require actually making soap (although you can if you want).  All you need is a bar of good soft soap.  We used 80 Acres’ Verde Olive Oil Soap.  It is best if you start with soap that is a square or rectangle with actual corners and not rounded edges.

Now here is the easy part.  All you do is cut the soap evenly into pieces.  We cut it into 8 pieces.  It really depends on the size of soap you start with, just make sure that the pieces will be a decent size.  Don’t worry if they are not perfect…it just adds to the charm of the soap.  We found a cute little jar at a thrift store to store the soap in and placed it on an old silver tray.  And you are done!

And if you don’t want to make your own you can always use Lucia’s Guest Soaps…equally delightful!


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