Tip: Sleeping Outside

Wow…something so simple as sleeping outside can truly be amazing.  I don’t mean sleeping in a tent…I mean sleeping under the stars.  To fall asleep gazing up at the stars and listening to the gentle sounds of night.  There is nothing like it.  Even waking up during the night becomes a treat as you are again reminded of the immense beauty of God’s creation and the night’s sky brimming with little lights.  Wonderful is the perfect word…to be filled with wonder.

Tips for a successful night:

  1. Check the weather.  It seems so obvious, but I have been awakened numerous times by the fall of rain…
  2. Sleep on a deck and not the ground (less bugs that way).
  3. Bring out a mattress and lots of cozy blankets.  There is no need to totally rough it unless you want to be extra adventurous.  Make it feel luxurious.  It is worth the extra effort of dragging everything outside.  (And one more little tip…protect your mattress by putting a sheet or something underneath it.)
  4. Experiences in life are always better shared.  So share it with your spouse, your kids, your siblings, your dog…

…But for those of you who do not want to sleep outside, a great alternative is putting glow in the dark star stickers on your ceiling.  Make sure to get the flat ones that are actually stickers and not plastic.  They blend in during the day but glow at night.  When we were younger, my sister covered her ceiling with them.  I still LOVE when I sleep in her old room and am lolled asleep by the silent yet peaceful stars above.

Hope you enjoy!….Virginia


2 thoughts on “Tip: Sleeping Outside

  1. How fun! John Calvin said that nature is the “Theatre of God’s glory” and why do we not enjoy the “show” more often? Thanks for the post!

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