Passing through Buckeye, WV

I will be honest, I am hardly aware of passing through Buckeye, WV.  Not for lack of its own merits, which I am sure are quite extensive, but because it is one of the many places on a winding road along route to my final destination.  Over the years, I have been curious about one such place that sits gently off the road.  Quite unassuming.  It has sat there for all the years I can remember traversing the roads from Tennessee to West Virginia.  I feel sometimes as if I get caught on a path in life, and it is hard to stop and take in what is around me.  I have always been curious about one particular spot in Buckeye, but never thought to take the time to stop…until now.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous when first stepping out of my car; a woman was standing outside holding a gun…. However, walking up the steps into Buckeye Bend Books, a used book store, I was blanketed with the warmth of old books at every turn.  They were absolutely overflowing.  The collection of finds was really impressive.  I had to control myself from the impulse to purchase all the books I wanted; every shelf seemed to hold a treasure that I would have loved to grace my shelves at home.  In the end, I resisted temptation and only came away with a couple…Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas (a gift) and The Laughing Cavalier by Baroness Orczy.  Both delightful finds.

I was not only charmed by the collection housed inside, but by the character of the establishment itself and by the proprietor.  The hours are posted quite uniquely on the side of the building for all passing by.

  • Monday X
  • Tuesday X
  • Wednesday call
  • Thursday 12-5
  • Friday 10-6
  • Saturday 10-5
  • Sunday call

Buckeye Bend Books is located at US 219 at Steven Hole Road, Buckeye, WV.

For those passing by or up for the drive, it is worth the stop…or trip!…Virginia


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