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This year I am committed to being more open and candid… sharing my vision, my dreams, my hopes, and most of all about the people whom inspire and excite me.  Without the wonderful and talented makers and creators of that found at Addiah, none of this would be possible.  Not only will I continue to feature people whom are living an inspiring life, but I will also tell the story behind the objects that can be found at Addiah and the people who are making them.  My committment from the beginning has not changed, but I want to be even more open with you.  I want you to be aware of what you are buying and the story behind it, and hopefully fall in love with it as much as I have!

So…I thought the best way to start is with my own story and why I started Addiah.

My honest, deepest desire is to bring glory to God with my life, for Jesus Christ is my savior.  I want my business, I want Addiah, to be a reflection of His grace, love, hope, and most of all beauty.  Addiah was founded out of a desire to encourage beauty in the everyday, to enjoy that which surrounds us, and to be inspired and excited to live the life we were called to live.  My aim is to bring together beautiful objects that have a purpose, not merely unnecessary decoration; objects that are crafted to inspire and excite; objects that will draw us together, creating deeper bonds.  I believe that everything in life can be made beautiful with a thoughtful hand.  Being intentional opens my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me – a life lived simply and beautifully, true and natural.  A delicious meal at a wonderfully set table with loved ones.  A relaxing cup of tea or coffee in the quiet of the morning.  A letter written on a beautiful piece of stationary.  A candle burning a soothing aroma.  A piece of jewelry bringing two complete strangers together, bonding over mutual likes.  From the beginning, I have struggled with how to run a business that is based on consumerism.  I am a tremendous believer of loving what you own and encouraging others to not surround themselves with a lot of things, but only that which they love and use.  Love what you have, share it with others, and give thanks.  I find in my own life, that it is not so much what I am doing or eating or wearing, but who I am doing it with that brings me the most joy.  I believe that my business can be about loving, serving, and encouraging others.  I am a fallen, sinful person and know that I won’t do these things perfectly, but it is my sincere desire to live my best for God’s glory.

So how does that play out?  I strive to find the people who are creating for glory and for beauty, not just mass producing.  I am committed to finding beautiful things that are made with attention to quality and with artisan skill.  I believe that which you buy should last, be beautiful, be of good quality, have meaning, be practical, and not be that which you will want to give away.

My hope is that your home and your life may be filled with that which is beautiful, exciting, and inspiring.  Whatever that means for you…whether it is a simple life, filled with nature; the fellowship of friends and family; or traveling the world and seeing the diversity of cultures.  In everything, enjoying where you are and what you are doing.  May Addiah help fill your life with beauty, love, and a glimpse of the glory of God.  May you seek that which is wonderfully and beautifully made and may you enjoy!  May you be encouraged to look at that which surrounds you…do you love what you see?  May you be challenged to make your life beautiful, however that may look.



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