Best thing in the world…at this moment

The best thing in the world….well, maybe not quite.  I tend to be over exaggerative with the things I love.  I have a lot of “favorite” things based on a surge of emotion at a specific moment.  For anyone who has seen “Larkrise to Candleford” I am a bit like Ms. Lane.  Her “one weakness” tends to be like what I love most.  I have a lot of things I love “most”.

This morning I fell in love with overnight oatmeal.  I LOVE it!  Not that it is a new concept, as I make it on a regular basis, but I was just hit with how it really was the best thing in the world at that moment.  It is so easy to make…nothing more than measuring and mixing…but the best part, besides how good it tastes, is how amazingly wonderful it is to be able to pull it out of the fridge in the morning and just add some fresh organic berries to it.

Here is my go to recipe.  I use crystalized ginger, unsweetened coconut, and pecans and omit the black pepper and maple syrup.  As for the milk, I just use whatever happens to be in the fridge…cow, soy, or any other non-diary milk.  That is the beauty of this recipe…you can really put in anything you like.



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