Raw treats

Okay…so I mentioned own of my favorite raw treats – Sacred Chocolate – but I thought I would list some of the others I enjoy for when I don’t want to cook.  They are all delicious! I know I can make my own treats, but it is so nice to have a flavorful, healthy snack that I can pick up whenever I am too tired to cook or when I am on the go.  Plus, right after I started experimenting with eating raw I realized that our dehydrator does not have a temperature gauge.  So that means I cannot use it to make any homemade treats (like kale chips) until I invest in a new one.


  • Medjool Dates – They are the best dessert as they are quite sweet and completely natural.
  • Sacred Chocolate – Their white with lemon & coconut, as well as the coconut & nibs – both are delicious but my favorite is definitely the coconut & nibs.  They are really creamy and smooth and the best raw chocolate I have found.  I have not tried all their flavors as the only store I have found them in is Mom’s Organic Market in Maryland (which by the way is my favorite grocery store hands down right now – I just have to drive 9 hours to shop or give my sisters a grocery list when they come to visit).  However, you can order them online!
  • go raw – Super Lemon Cookie.  Go Raw is a common brand in most grocery stores that carry organic/health food.  I love these cookies.  They feel rich and delicious.  I was surprised at how good they tasted.


  • Two Moms in the Raw – Their Granola bars are wonderful.  They are 100% organic, wheat free, dairy free, soy free, and vegan.  The thing I love most is that every ingredient is something I have in my kitchen right now.  These bars are great for when I know I will be out all day and need something to bring with me.  I have never been the type of person just to bring a handful of nuts.  They feel hearty and filling and give me the energy boost I need, especially while hiking!  I have not been able to try any of their other products yet, but trust that if they are anything like the granola bars, they will be delicious.
  • Kale chips – I love homemade kale chips and actually have been disappointed by the selection I have found in stores.  However, I have come across a couple of brands that I really enjoy.  My favorite brand right now is Alive & Radiant.  I have had the Southwest Ranch, the Quite Cheezy, and the Cheezy Chipotle.  All of which fit that desire to have something salty, crunchy, and comforting.
  • go raw – Their Pizza Flax Snax is pretty good.

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