Life lessons: from my father

With father’s day quickly approaching, I thought it fitting to share one of the most important lessons my father taught me.  It was not through what he said, but through his actions.  When I think of my father, I think of perseverance.  His successes in life have been defined by his perseverance.  He is not a man to take no for an answer and is confident in pursuing what he wants.

My father is my inspiration.  He is my champion and believes that I can do anything I desire to do.  If it was not for him, I would not have pursued my line of handkerchief and pocket squares (Love Virginia Ruth).  Ever since I was little, I loved shopping with and for him in shops like Brooks Brothers – feeling all the wonderful materials and textures and seeing all the wonderful tailoring and craftsmanship.  I love how he dresses, with respect, regardless of changing trends.  He always wears a sports coat or suit and is rarely without a pocket square and never without a handkerchief.  For me, he epitomizes what it is to be a gentleman.  It is not his actions that define him as a gentleman but the heart that is behind them.  His respect for others is what truly makes him a gentleman.  Not that he stands when a woman enters the room or opens and closes doors for whomever he is with (which he does along with much more).  He is a servant, gracious, loving kindness.  He is an image of my heavenly father.  The highest standard of what a man should be.

My father has relentlessly pursued that which he wanted.  He pursued my mother for four years before she agreed to marry him.  His perseverance is not just with wild abandonment.  It is with confidence and decorum.  He is gentle and yet firm.  He stands his ground yet is ever gracious.  He has shown me through his life, to pursue what I want and not to give up at the first no or sign of hardship.  I do believe that if you want something, you have to pursue it with confidence and hope.  I believe all of that is not possible without faith, hope, contentment, and the knowledge that my life is in God’s control.  I give it all over to Him.


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