Unexpected Delights: Salad combination

Sometimes in life you come across a combination that is so delicious and delightful you wonder why you have never experienced it before.

Peaches and avocado…two things I love and they make a perfect combination.  I know that peach season is not quite started, but I could not resist this.  Chop them up and put atop a bed of arugula with your favorite vinaigrette.  Viola!

Thanks to my aunt for making this wonderful meal for me and for telling me about a wonderful source for peaches:  The Peach Truck.



Obviously I did not use arugula for my salad base in this picture.  It was all I had in hand at the time (and I would recommend using a whole lot more arugula than the amount of lettuce I used here).  Really, any of your favorite greens can be used.  However, I think the natural peppery notes of the arugula makes a huge difference to the salad.  As for the vinaigrette, my aunt used Garlic Expressions classic vinaigrette when she made the salad for me, which was fabulous.  However, this time to keep it raw, I made a simple dressing out of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and garlic.

May you enjoy….Virginia


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