A big thank you

Warning:  This post is like 6 months overdue.

So my friends from college and I do a Christmas gift exchange.  We draw names and have a little party and give each other gifts.  The majority of us live in the Dayton/Chattanooga area, but we have two “out-of-towners”.  This past year I picked an “out-of-towner”.   She had just moved to the Minneapolis area, so I decided perfect, I would give her a little sampling of gift certificates of places for her to explore.  Now I have never been to Minnesota, let alone Minneapolis.  Nowadays there is so much information out there when it comes to city guides and traveling.  However, I kind of like to know a bit about the source of information I am getting.  Thankfully Worker B, one of the great companies I buy from for Addiah, is based in the area.  I emailed them randomly and explained the whole situation and asked for recommendations.

Wow…I was so impressed with the fount of information I received.  It was such an extensive list to pick from and totally helped steer me in the right direction.  I did a little online research to pick which ones I thought looked good.  Final choices:

I started with Surdyk’s wine and cheese shop and tried to order a gift card online.  However, by law, they are restricted from shipping to Tennessee.  Even though I was just buying a gift card, I was not able to process an order online so I proceeded to call them.  I got off the phone so happy.  It sounds a bit crazy but the girl was just so friendly and helpful and it was a really pleasant experience.  I called Kopplin’s and Salty Tart and was falling for Minneapolis.  Everyone was so nice, sweet, and helpful.  Quality service does it for me every time.  Good customer service makes you like a place; great customer service makes you a loyal fan for life.  It might sound crazy, but after my experience dealing with everyone, Minneapolis has made it onto my top 3 cities that I want to take a trip to visit and explore next.  For anyone in the Minneapolis area or for anyone planning a trip, totally recommend going to these places.  I just hope your experience will be as pleasant as mine was!

And a big thank you to Liesa from Worker B, along with all the others for their help!


4 thoughts on “A big thank you

  1. Virginia, let me just say that I so enjoy reading your blog posts! I actually read a couple of your posts to my mom the other day while we were driving to atlanta for a day of shopping. 🙂 Also, I wanted to thank you for the gift certificate to Cafe Pascals! I enjoyed lunch there yesterday and had a delicious tea, ciabatta sandwich and garbanzo soup! I told the owner about our friendship and that I was enjoying lunch thanks to you, yesterday! I treasure our friendship and the memories we share! Love you! Muaw! – Julie

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