In love with: the sun

I have never loved the heat of summer or laying out or Florida.  It is not that I don’t like them.  I just don’t love them.  They are good every now and then – but mostly in little doses.  However, I do love feeling my skin soak up the sun.  When I started thinking of the sun as a blessing due to its health benefits (Vitamin D, which is needed in absorbing other vitamins), I started to enjoy being in the sun and the heat.  I am not by any means recommending laying out all day, but a little sun each day can help to keep the doctor away (by building up essential vitamins)!  Just make sure to be responsible.

So, as I was falling in love with the sun for its healthy benefit to my body, I also fell in love with it for making tea!  Who knew!  It might not sound like a big revelation, but I felt like it was.  Not only is it amazing how much the water does warm up over the day and really steep the tea, but it is fun too!  I don’t know why, but it gives me immense pleasure to make sun tea.  Maybe how simple and natural it feels (and a little like a science experiment).  Nothing but a mason jar, water, some tea, and the sun.

Sun tea:

Step 1:  Fill a mason jar with fresh cold water.

Step 2:  Pick a tea.  (Today I decided to try a rosehip & honey tea my aunt brought from South America.)

Step 3:  Add the tea bags to the jar.



Step 4:  Leave in the sun to brew all day, or until your liking.  It really depends on the weather.

Step 5:  Remove tea bags and enjoy!

Simplified version:  fill a jar with water, add tea bags, and leave it outside all day.


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