Passing through: Nashville (again)

Nashville is a city that I could move to for a month just to try all the restaurants and coffee shops.  There are so many – too many – for a little weekend trip like I tend to take.  At this rate of going once every couple of months, it will take me years to try everywhere I think that sounds tempting.  Plus, each time I visit Nashville, I discover a million new tempting places (obviously not really a million but my list keeps growing).

So, here is a list of my still have to try in no certain order:

On the last two trips to Nashville, I was able to visit a lot of new places, plus a couple of old favorites.

Edgehill Village

Where to eat:

Bella Napoli Pizzeria:  Absolutely idyllic.  When my aunt suggested going, it seemed a bit kitschy, hence, not very tempting.  When something proclaims how authentic it is, especially when it is Italian pizza, it tends to not be.  Oh, how wrong I was.  The evening was perfect.  Set back in an alleyway strung with lights, Bella Napoli is just as good for the pizza as it is for the setting.  The night was cool (shockingly so for being in the middle of summer) and there was a soft breeze blowing.  Lights were glowing and every seat was filled.  The atmosphere was mellow and joyful.  Everyone truly enjoying their food and company.  We were starving, and had such a hard time choosing from the list of tempting pizzas.  My mother, aunt, and I each ordered a pizza and a glass of wine, and then shared.  I ended up ordering the Salsiccia (Fresh mozzarella, homemade Italian Sausage, broccolini and fresh garlic).  Definite recommendation.


nash10(The pictures were from the next morning.)

Legato Gelato:  Perfect after pizza!  We made it just in time too.  The line after us was so long.  Obviously a favorite in Nashville.  Legato Gelato does not disappoint.  They do gelato and they do it well.  It was not too sweet and was definitely creamy.



The Gulch

Where to shop/eat:

The Turnip Truck:  Totally love!  My aunt has talked about The Turnip Truck for the longest time.  I have passed it driving but never took the time to stop.  So glad that I finally did…



It totally is the quaint little neighborhood grocery store, with a very well curated selection.  I bought a raw sprouted salad from the salad bar, as well as stocked up on some things from my favorite brands (like Go Raw Ginger Snaps).  Loved!  Wish Chattanooga had this!  A must for a shopping destination (if you like shopping for food).

East Nashville


Off the beaten path of Gallatin Road, is Eastland Avenue.  Brimming with places to eat, Eastland Avenue is a definite stop in Nashville.

Where to eat:

The Silly Goose: Ah, delicious!  We (my aunt, mother, and myself) tried hard to get there for the lunch menu (as my aunt loves their lunch) but didn’t make it.  I am glad we didn’t, because I loved my dinner.  We started by splitting the Joe Bailey – their cheese plate.  So good!  Then my mom and I split the Cardinal (a duck and lamb sausage) and the Double AA (a warm couscous dish).  For dessert, we all split the Ray (peaches and rhubarb) and the Second Chance (a toffee date cake).  Everything I ate, I would recommend. The only thing I was not crazy about was their sangria.  Definite recommendation for a restaurant.


And if you are still hungry, or was not tempted by a dessert at The Silly Goose, Jeni’s is right next store.  There was no way I could have had anything else.  Another day maybe.


Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea:  Typical coffee shop and a good spot for doing work – lots of seating and most everyone seemed to be hard at work.  Going into the Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea, I was planning on getting tea as it is a “Coffee & Tea” place.  From a tea drinker, I feel I make it good at home and don’t usually order it unless it after a meal.  When it comes to coffee, I trust the professionals.  Walking up to order, I noticed their lavender latte.  How can you pass that up?  I tried it iced – interesting for sure.  It was my second latte of the day, so it was kind of hard to judge how good it was.


Where to eat:

CremaUp there with Barista Parlor for my favorite coffee shop in Nashville.  Crema is urban and totally cozy, I love the aesthetic.  Definite recommendation.



Green Hills

Where to eat:

The Well Coffeehouse:  How can you not want to support The Well.  The whole point of The Well is to change lives.  It is a non-profit coffee house that wants to make money to give it away.  Plus, it is a great place to meet friends and enjoy a cup of coffee together.  I will be honest that I was so “coffeed” out by all the lattes I had already had on this trip, that I did not try any.  I ordered a sandwich and tea.  Not crazy about what I got, but will go back to try their coffee sometime for sure.  Plus, I love that they took an abandoned Burger King and totally converted it.


If you have any other recommendations in Nashville, please pass them my way!




4 thoughts on “Passing through: Nashville (again)

  1. Great writing, Virginia! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of the fabulous eateries and their historic backgrounds throughout Nashville, TN. And knowing your taste for good cuisine, I will pass this information along, and have to try a few stops myself.

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