The Non-Sensible Day

Some days are lived without regard to sense.  Today was one such day.  Not a day I would recommend or try to repeat.  Not today.  Just a day filled with all things not sensible, no rhyme or reason…

– laying in bed for hours, not trying to sleep,  just thinking, day dreaming, and really just laying there

– sitting outside to read just as the sun goes down

– showering at the end of the day instead of the beginning

– drinking a glass of wine while cleaning the house

– changing my outfit to clean the house twice, just because I was in the mood

– cleaning the floors I had cleaned hours early

– chocolate for lunch, ruining my appetite for anything of real substance

Today was not a good day.  At the end it seemed that I wasted all the hours which I could have accomplished so much.  But today was today.  Here is to tomorrow.


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