How I Like it…Yogurt

Yogurt.  My preference and taste for yogurt is always changing; falling in love with complete abandonment, yet never constant.  One moment, the simplicity, the straight forward flavor, the thickness of plain greek yogurt.  The next, rich, creamy, fruit flavored yogurt such as Noosa Yoghurt is my temptation. And then at other times, the layer of cream left in my mouth from Dreaming Cow seems the only choice.  For me, eating yogurt is not necessarily a healthy thing.  It is delight.  And honestly, it is convenience, it is ease.

I shared awhile ago on one of my other instagram feeds (@davamarket) my new favorite way to eat yogurt.  It is by no means a healthy snack or breakfast.  It is straight up rich and delicious and should probably be classified as a dessert.


Plain yogurt (preferably not greek as it is a bit too sour a combination) with lemon curd and toasted coconut.  Oh my gosh.  Really, this is a must try combination.  I had started making lemon curd as a filling for macarons and tended to always have a bit left over.  My sister was the first to think to add it to yogurt.  The addition of toasted unsweetened coconut is perfection.  Seriously.


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