Taking a Step Back

I alluded to changes in a previous post.  It is amazing how a month has passed since then. A month.  Enough time to be comfortable with the decision I had made.  Enough time to move on.  Not that I don’t wonder if I have made the right decision or feel a bit sad or longing.

Taking two weeks off to go to Thailand enabled me to distance myself.  To see what I loved and what I was passionate about.  What I was looking forward to returning to.  It enabled me to let go and move on.  I realized that I love connecting with people.  Sharing excitement and passion and joy.  Building community.  So…I decided to close the online component of Addiah.  It is not necessarily a forever thing.  But the online shop was getting my least attention, and it was always an afterthought at that.  I was not devoting time or energy to it.  It was not what it should have been.  What it could have been.  It was not what I wanted for it.

I will continue to post here on Addiah Inspired with all things concerning the shop, travel, food, recipes, inspirations for life.  But, if you want a taste of Addiah, you will just have to come visit in person for now.  If you have not already been, we are located at 1307, a collaboration of three businesses at 1307 Hanover Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I look forward to meeting and connecting with you in person!


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