The end and the beginning

After many a years and many a changes, Addiah is officially coming to a close.  If you live in Chattanooga, and have driven by 1307, the shop I have shared with two other businesses for the past three years, you will have seen the “For Lease” sign outside.  There is no hiding it now!  We meant to send out a letter to our loyal supports before it was made public, but with our sidewalk sale and annual summer vacation, it got put aside and we missed announcing it to you first.  Of which, I am truly sorry.  To those to whom it is coming as a complete surprise, know that it isn’t a final goodbye.

I am moving out west for a bit.  To see a new area of the country.  To meet new people.  To walk new roads.  To explore and see and learn and grow and mostly to serve.  I won’t go into all those details, but if you know me personally, you will know what I am talking about.  You can still follow along with my adventures and life over on (under the journal section there, where you can sign up for the journal newsletter), my other business venture.  I will be putting all my focus and attention there and will continue to post travel bits and recipes and business updates.  For those of you who are loyal customers of 1307, you can still find Spaces over at Merchants on Main in Chattanooga and Lola’s at Vinterest.

I don’t feel like this is goodbye, so it is hard to find the words to say goodbye.  I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given over the years.  It has been seriously a joy and a blessing.  But I am excited to move on to new things and to see what the future holds for myself and LVR Naturals.

Much love,


PS You can still shop 1307 through August and we have an awesome sale room in the back!  Stay tuned for more updates.





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