The Bridal Theory + Jessica Fryar

Just had to share a few of these gorgeous images from a recent styled shoot by Jessica Fryar.  Love how she set the table with our white Sophie Conran plates and glasses made from recycled beer and wine bottles.  To see more images, visit The Bridal Theory.

Photography:  Joe + Selah Dodd

Heirlooms Vintage Rentals provided the table, chairs and copper vases

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Pantry Addition: Nicole’s Nutty Goodness

Just in (and I am super excited!), Nicole’s Nutty Goodness Raw Fruit & Nut Bars…While in Charleston, SC my sisters and I stumbled upon these and fell in love.  Not only were they hand made locally (John’s Island, SC) but they were delicious and healthy.  Raw, gluten-free, vegan, paleo friendly…definite recommendation!

photo (9) photo (10)

For the Pantry

So, my true love is food.  When I started Addiah, I tried to focus on that which adorns the woman and the home.  But I cannot deny that my heart and mind are excited by food, cooking, and sitting around the table with loved ones.  So, I have decided to embrace that and refocus Addiah slightly.  New addition…The Pantry.  I will begin to introduce some of the food lines that I have discovered and love and want to share with you.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here are the newest additions:  Big Picture Farm Caramels

photo (67)photo (68)photo (65)photo (66)

More to come!!!

Please note that the site is slightly restructured and you can now find both things for the woman and for the man under “The Person“.

Summer Photoshoot with Lily Glass Photography

The pictures from our summer shoot just arrived!  Lily Glass did an amazing job.  You would never know that it was absolutely pouring outside – I mean flooding pouring!  All my sisters were in town for a wedding the night before so things were a bit crazy (which Lily was also the photographer for – late night for both of us).  My desired model was not able make it (lesson learned – always hire multiple models so if one falls through).  Needless to say, things were totally flexible.  I had anyone and everyone helping out.  My sisters and a friend were heading out that morning to drive home, but not before I had them all be models for me.  It is amazing to see the final results even when nothing goes as planned.









Make sure to visit the site to see the rest of the new items as well as more photos by Lily Glass Photography!  And if you missed our interview with Lily, you can read it here.

Spring Photo Shoot with Lily Glass Photography

So, I am super excited about the new things that are coming in for Spring.  There are some Addiah exclusives, plus items from artisans in Swaziland, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the USA.  Lots of beautiful colors and prints, with a very indigenous design aesthetic.

Something else I am super excited about, thrilled really…the most recent photo shoot with amazing photographer Lily Glass.  This was the first time working together and with much success.  She took beautiful photos and I could not have been more pleased.  Not only is Lily super sweet and a pleasure to work with, but she is also super cute with great style.

I am also so very grateful to the models.  Thanks to all for your help!  Really, thank you.  Hannah is a busy wife and mother and spent practically an entire day with us.  The result -stunning pictures.  I called Bryan a couple of hours before the shoot to ask if he was available.  Total life saver.

Here are some extra shots…

Bow Tie 1
















Lesson learned…  After we shot these pictures, we moved on to the field to get some other shots.  While we were gone, one of my dogs decided to eat the ENTIRE quiche.


Thankfully we already got the shots.  Unfortunately, we had to make something else for dinner.