Addiah’s Story

Hi there and welcome to Addiah Inspired!

Let me begin by introducing myself…My name is Virginia.  I am not going to go into all my life’s details here…you can get bits and pieces reading the blog.  However, I will share what I am most passionate about…God, my family, food, traveling, nature, natural and sustainable farming practices, and a simple and quiet life…all of which will be shared on these pages.

I launched back in 2012 with the hopes of bringing together a collection of beautiful objects that have a purpose, not merely unnecessary decoration; objects that are crafted to inspire and excite; objects that will draw us together, creating deeper bonds.  This blog will feature all that inspires me to live life filled with what I love, which is the motivation behind Addiah.  My hope is the same for you; that you will be inspired to live the life that you dream of, filled with that which you love and are passionate about.

Things have changed.  Time has led me down new paths.  And with that, I closed the online shop to instead open a store with two other businesses.  We share a collaborated space in the north side of Chattanooga called 1307.


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