Summer Photoshoot with Lily Glass Photography

The pictures from our summer shoot just arrived!  Lily Glass did an amazing job.  You would never know that it was absolutely pouring outside – I mean flooding pouring!  All my sisters were in town for a wedding the night before so things were a bit crazy (which Lily was also the photographer for – late night for both of us).  My desired model was not able make it (lesson learned – always hire multiple models so if one falls through).  Needless to say, things were totally flexible.  I had anyone and everyone helping out.  My sisters and a friend were heading out that morning to drive home, but not before I had them all be models for me.  It is amazing to see the final results even when nothing goes as planned.









Make sure to visit the site to see the rest of the new items as well as more photos by Lily Glass Photography!  And if you missed our interview with Lily, you can read it here.


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