Camp News from Little Auggie

I don’t know about you, but I went to camp when I was a little girl.  Not every summer, but enough to have gotten my fill.  One of my favorite things was writing and getting mail.  Amazing that of all the things to experience, that is what I remember liking most.  Well, my mother bought me these super fun little form letters – the general letter was written for me – I just filled them out.  I LOVED them and thought they were so cool and fun to send.

I was delighted to find just that in my inbox this week.  Designed by a mother with her daughter in mind, these are the perfect thing to send with your child to camp!  Super cute.  And so is Little Auggie.  If you are in need of some wonderful bedding for your child, make sure to check out their selection.

campnews3*Used with permission from Little Auggie.  Thanks!