Austin, TX Round Two

“There are days when my soul drifts away to the thought of stayin’ in place”  Wandering Man – David Ramirez

It has been a year.  Only a year.  Twelve months time between when I first stepped foot into Austin.  If you told me I was going to be back so soon, I would have responded firmly that it was quite impossible.  Yet, there I found myself, once again in beloved Austin.  For business, but these days, business is just as delightful as if I was traveling simply to explore and wander.  The pull of Austin is strong.  Any reason seems as if reason enough.  You will always find me willing and ready.

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What to do in Austin:

Walk.  Even though we hit Austin a little later in the month then the first trip, it was delightfully so much cooler.  Which meant we spent our free time walking the streets.  Austin is an easily walkable city.  Albeit, we could have biked if we had gotten the notion in our head.  Walking is the best part of exploring.  For without it, half of the things you discovered would be completely undiscovered.

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Texas State Cemetery:  If you want history, this is the place for you.  We didn’t have time to read all the information offered or take a tour, but wandered the rows looking for a spot to sit and eat macarons.

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Oakwood Cemetery:  This is the type of place you could get lost in.  Just walking amongst the headstones and trees.  Quiet and worn.  Beautiful.

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Next time:  Barton Springs

Where to Eat + Drink in Austin:

Flat Track Coffee:  Can’t go to Austin without heading to Flat Track Coffee.  The first and the last stop heading in and out of town.

Figure 8:  Figure 8 was a recommendation, and we were delighted to stumble upon it while walking around the city.  So good we had to come back a second day.  Definite recommendation:  the cookies!  (and lattes of course)

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Salt + Time:  A discovery while walking the streets.  The most delicious salami!  We went in because we couldn’t resist.  (Confession:  I love salami)  We were embarrassingly disgusting and hated to enter an establishment dressed so casual and sweaty, but we did and were so glad to have.  After sampling their goods, we had to bring it home with us as well as make reservations for dinner the next night.  Definite recommendation:  the succotash (trust me)

Hillside Farmacy:  The perfect place to end an exhausting day.  We sat outside on the patio sipping cocktails and eating delicious fries with aioli.  So perfect.  Definite recommendation.

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Elizabeth Street Café:  I thought I was going to die.  You know when you go someplace and you are swooning and so in love and overwhelmed with excitement you can barely stand it?  Well, this was 100% that kind of place.  Thomas Hardy put it so well in Far From The Madding Crowd “Half the pleasure of a feeling lies in being able to express it on the spur of the moment, and I let out mine.”  How can you not die over a breakfast of a celery shrub and sticky rice with ginger sausage, poached eggs, herb salad, sriracha and hoisin?

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Thai Food Truck on Manor Road:  So, I didn’t catch the name, but I am pretty sure there is only one Thai food truck on Manor.  It is parked right by a gas station.  Hard to miss.  And so glad we didn’t.  Valerie and I were planning a progressive dinner.  Just order one meal here and then head to get tacos and share another meal.  However, even just sharing a meal, we couldn’t eat anything else.  So good.  Perfect.  Definite recommendations:  the red curry

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Anjore:  Oh my gosh.  Texas meets Indian.  Naan Croissants.  Water Buffalo culture yogurt.  Chai that is really made from fresh spices.  The list goes on and on.  Everything we bought was phenomenal.  If I lived in Austin I would hit up every market they attended to be sure.

In.gredients: Always.  Never miss out on this place.

Next time:  Micklethwait, Kerlin BBQ, Justine’s, Shhmaltz

If you couldn’t tell, this trip was 100% about eating and walking.  Two of our favorite things to do.