Tip: Cucumber Water

I hate to waste a delicious cucumber, especially with only a couple left on the vine in my garden, but it is for a good cause!  A newly learned bit of information – put cucumber in water and my mother will drink it all day long.  She loves coffee (and juice) and it is a bit hard to encourage her to drink water.  Water is so important, especially during these summer days (even though Tennessee’s temperature has been surprisingly fabulous).  Since I have started eating primarily raw at home, I tend to find that I don’t drink as much water either.  Our solution – keeping a pitcher of cucumber water in the fridge at all times.  So simple.  Just slice a cucumber and put in a pitcher then fill with water.  Leave it in the fridge and refill when it runs low.  The cucumber will last for a couple of days depending on how many times you need to refill.  So drink and enjoy!  And don’t forget it is in there.