Life lessons: from my grandmother

There are certain passing instructions or repeated advice that have stuck with me.  They are little things, but they seem to make a big difference.  One piece of advice that I did not appreciate when I was younger, was my grandmother never putting plastic on the dining table.  At the time, it seemed like added effort and more dishes to wash when she would ask for me to take back what I had set out and put it in a glass dish of some sort.  However, the older I have become, the more I realize how much more delightful the table is when presented without the original plastic containers.   Ketchup seems to be transformed, as does the whole meal.

Looking back I don’t remember my grandmother repeatedly asking me.  It may have been just once.  But she gave her reasoning and it was softly planted in my mind.  For some reason, that is one of the first pieces of advice that pops in my mind when I think of what she has taught me through the years.